The Sharing Economy and Public Administration

This past spring, a classmate and I collaborated on a policy analysis brief on San Francisco’s short term regulation policy, Proposition F. Subsequently, we were invited by our professor to participate in a panel presentation at this year’s American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) Conference in Seattle. In partnership with my colleague, program faculty and visiting scholars from Seoul South Korea. The proposal was to do a comparative analysis of San Francisco’s and Seoul’s approaches to the sharing economy and examine the public administrative issues in each city. We’re still waiting to hear if our proposal has been accepted, and next weeks SF Elections has the potential to impact our research and approach.

In the mean time, there have bee a number of interesting articles addressing the impact of the sharing economy. I particularly like this one from The Atlantic as I think it hits the nail on the head in terms of unfair economic advantages, as well as projecting the need for governments to utilize these technological advances for adaptive and strategic public service delivery.


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